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From feasibility stage, through planning, external and internal design up to completion. We can provide all relevant assessment and design advice through these stages, including BS 8233, Acoustics Ventilation and Overheating, BREEAM, Services Noise etc.

Noise, Sound Insulation, Residential, BS8233, AVO, Overheating, Approved Document E, Approved Document O, ADE, ADO

Residential Development

Design advice on office layout, sound insulation, privacy and noise masking. Conference facilities and open plan office design. Consideration of client requirements and aspirations. Troubleshooting on existing issues such as sound insulation, privacy and services noise.


Open Plan Office, Privacy, Cross-Talk, Sound Insulation

Design advice for remodelling of existing residential buildings, or conversion of other uses to residential. Tenancy agreements, in particular in relation to floor finishes. Compliance with Building Regulations requirements. Accounting for preservation of listed buildings and those in conservation areas.

Floor Impact Noise, Sound Insulation, Listed Building, Heritage

Residential Refurbishment

Operational, delivery and building services impact assessment. Internal sound insulation and tenancy lease agreements. Acoustic design for shopping centre circulation areas and atria.

Retail and Mixed Use

What we Offer


Noise, Speech Intelligibility, STI, School, University

Design advice to help provide spaces which support teaching and learning. Room acoustics, services noise, internal and external sound insulation. Acoustic design of schools (BB93) and higher education institutions. Noise impact assessment for playground, sports field, music accommodation etc.

Control of noise during construction, preparation of noise management plans, BS 5228 assessment, and Section 61 agreements. Liaison with Local Authority on assessment and analysis of noise and vibration during construction.


Consruction Noise, Section 61, Noise Management Plan

We provide design advice and troubleshooting in relation to vibration, including railway and underground noise, mechanical services, construction and structure-borne noise. We can work with the design team to identify a suitable approach to isolation of vibrating elements or of sensitive equipment.


Vibration Isolation, Plant Vibration, Strcture-borne Noise

Road and rail traffic noise assessments including DMRB, CRTN, CRN. Assessment of aircraft noise. Design of terminals and stations. Design and assessment of distribution centres.


Control of noise and vibration from building services, both internally and externally. Consideration of noise transfer internally through building services systems, e.g. cross-talk. Specification of mitigation measures including screening, silencers and acoustic louvres. All relevant assessments, including  BS 4142, BREEAM etc.

Building Services Noise

Plan Noise, Silencer, Attenuator, Louvre, Noise Impact

Design of healthcare buildings, GP surgeries, hospitals, dental clinincs, care homes. Consideration of   HTM 08-01 requirements, internal and external building services noise, and control of noise and structure-borne vibration from large equipment such as MRI machines.


HTM 08 01, Sound Insulation, Noise Impact

Expert advice, presentation of evidence at planning hearing and inquiry. Preparation of technical documents suitable for submission as proof of evidence. Representation for technical negotiations with interested parties and to seek appropriate common ground with opposing parties.

Expert Witness

Expert Witness, Noise Expert, Legal Noise

Design advice and assistance in preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment and EIA Scoping. Preparation of technical documents for planning applications, condition discharge, and planning objections.

EIA and Planning

Architectural acoustics in buildings such as concert halls, auditoria and cinemas. Computational modelling of such spaces. Internal and external acoustic design of hotels, cinemas, community and leisure centres, stations. Consideration of speech transmission and intelligibility

Public Buildings

Sound Inulation, Cinema, Auditorium

Studios, broadcasting suites, sound stages, intimate event spaces. Liaison with the client and end users to provide sound insulation, control of services noise and internal acoustic performance which meets their requirements.


Studio, Sound Stage, Noise, Sound Insulation

Design advice to help meet suitable internal acoustic requirements in gyms and leisure centres. Control of equipment and weights noise and vibration into adjacent noise sensitive spaces. External sports pitch and MUGA noise impact assessment.

Sports and Leisure


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Our goal is to provide high quality, cost effective design solutions


We understand the importance of efficient, practical advice supported by technical knowledge and experience. Our aim is to build close relationships with all involved, from private individuals to an extended design team to ensure all relevant aspects are considered.

Having worked together throughout the UK and Ireland, Europe, and the Middle East, with a combined experience of over 25 years, Johnny Berrill and Ian Yates created BY Acoustics, a specialist noise and vibration consultancy, to reflect their shared interest in acoustics and the environment.


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